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Homayoun Bidabadi

Dr. Bidabadi is certified with the Institute for Functional Medicine* which is a science-based field of health care that helps with assessment, prevention, and treatment of most complex health issues. Functional Medicine is grounded in the principles of biochemical individuality, patient centeredness, dynamic balance, web-like interconnections of physiological factors, health as a positive vitality, and promotion of organ reserve. Please visit for more detailed information.

Dr. Bidabadi is well respected within the medical community and works well with a wide variety of doctors. He worked side by side with cardiologists, osteopaths, vascular specialists, orthopedic surgeons, exercise physiologists, and pulmonologists at the College of Sports Medicine at the University of Florida and at the Southwest Regional Medical Center in Fort Myers where he was a Technical Director and Clinical Educator of the Invasive Cardiology Laboratory.

At Naples Chiropractic Center in Naples and at White Heron Wellness in Sarasota, which have been established since 1998 and 2001 respectively, patients receive the benefits of Dr. Bidabadi’s background in alternative as well as conventional medicine and are individually evaluated for the most appropriate therapy for their condition. Both clinics specialize in state-of-the-art alternative chiropractic therapies, physical therapy modalities, chiropractic neurology, preventative nutrition as well as rehabilitation using the latest equipment.

Dr. Bidabadi’s high enthusiasm and energy motivates patients to make life-style changes that promote optimum health and strive for a long-term quality of life. Dr. Bidabadi believes that regardless of your age or present health condition, you can always benefit from a healthy spine and superior nutrition.

* Not recognized by the Florida Board of Chiropractic Medicine

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