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Insurance Information

Most insurance plans are accepted at our office, however the insurance industry is rapidly changing. Please contact us for a current list of providers we accept, or if you are unsure of the benefits available to you. Our office has no control or authority over the decisions of your insurance provider. At White Heron Wellnes Center payment is expected upon service rendered. We will submit all necessary paperwork to your insurance company. Upon our reimbursement, you will be refunded accordingly.

Dr. Bidabadi offers second opinions for a variety of insurance companies, and is an independent Medical Examiner for all auto PIP carriers. This service can also be provided to the patient if needed. We accept, file, and process all paperwork for auto accident injury cases. We accept workers’ compensation cases provided you have direct authorization to our clinic prior to pursuit of claim. It is your right and it is Florida law that you should have a minimum of 24 visits to the chiropractor of your choice, with authorization from your insurance gatekeeper, in the event of an injury sustained while on the job. Please contact our office to begin your recovery process today.

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