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Chiropractic Neurology

Chiropractic Neurology is brain-based chiropractic, combining the best of neurological science and traditional chiropractic. As chiropractic adjustments of the spine affect the function of the nervous system.

The brain is in constant change as a consequence of our life experience, our physical activity, and our environment. Many of us develop one part of our brain more than other parts; hence the categorization of “right-brained” and “left-brained” people. When lesser developed parts of the brain slow the processing of neurological signals, brain asymmetry can develop and decrease our potential, leading to dysfunction and sometimes disease.  Chiropractic functional neurology can facilitate neurological healing through healing the relationship of the body’s structure to the brain and nervous system.

Dr. Bidabadi has completed 300 hours post-doctoral specialization in chiropractic functional neurology and is board eligible for a degree in Chiropractic Functional Neurology that is internationally recognized. Dr. Bidabadi is completing a 300-hour certification program in Electromyography/Nerve Conduction Velocity (EMG/NCV)

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