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Physical Therapy

Using a variety of techniques to treat sprains, strains, muscle spasms, arthritis, post-surgical cases, athletic injury and more, our therapists are committed to helping patients build and re-build their strength, flexibility and endurance. We are currently offering patient-centered therapy in the following innovative modalities:

  1. Electric Muscle Stimulation, Interferential (good for long and short term release of natural pain killers)
  2. Ultrasound Therapy (deep heat for arthritis, disc degenerations, stiffness)
  3. Intersegmental Traction (to passively stimulate spine and improve bloodflow)
  4. Upper Body Ergometer (U.B.E.)
  5. Spinal Extension/Trunk Flexion Exercise Machine
  6. Proprioceptive Retraining (Wobble Boards and Brain Balancing)
  7. Microcurrent (for acute injuries)
  8. TENS unit (chronic pain)
  9. Tube and Ball Exercises

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