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Improper movement patterns are very often the cause and/or perpetuators of musculoskeletal pain or discomfort. Using a system of evaluating fundamental movements which all other movements of work and sport are based, we are able to assess the movement pattern portion of a patient’s overall complaint. Through this method, we are also able to assess risk for future injury. Following these assessments, corrective exercise prescriptions are tailor made to each patient’s movement situation.

Dr. Bidabadi has earned a sports and science degree from the University of Florida with clinical certification in rehabilitation of the spine. He also has completed 300 hours in post-doctoral degree in human rehabilitation, and is well-qualified to help you with your physical rehab.

Dr Bidabadi will evaluate every patient and help them to establish:

• Pain-free body
• Central stabilization (spine)
• Peripheral stabilization (shoulder, hip, etc)
• Core improvement/strength
Dr Bidabadi will provide a program so one can exercize on his or her own. Every 3 months Dr. Bidabadi will reevaluate your physical rehab prognosis.

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