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Diet & Nutrition

Dr. Bidabadi can provide you with an overall nutritional evaluation and dietary recommendation based on your lifestyle and goals. Learn about superior digestive system health and how to achieve it, which toxins to watch out for when going grocery shopping, the benefits of enzymes, what “good” bacteria can do for your gastrointestinal health, how to detect and correct gluten allergicity and how to boost your immune system naturally.

At White Heron Wellness center, we believe that nutrition is the most preventative medicine available, and are committed to sharing a healthier way of making nutrition work for our bodies. Dr. Bidabadi's specialization is functional blood chemistry. By evaluating the patterns created in the blood and balancing its chemistry, we can achieve normal levels of cholesterol, LDL, Triglyceride, Liver Enzymes, Excess Sugar, Homocysteine, CRP, Hg A1C, High or Low BP, etc. without harmful drugs or invasive procedures.