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Rehabilitative Exercise

In addition to getting enough exercise to maintain a healthy body, we need to be sure we are moving our bodies properly to maximize the benefits of our hard work. Improper movement can cause musculoskeletal pain or discomfort and brain imbalance. Through functional neurology, when we correct the misbalanced brain, we improve the metoric output from the brain to the spine, joints, and organs. 

At White Heron Wellness, our focus with chiropractic functional neurology is to bring central stabilization (i.e. spine) first that will restore normal biomechanics, then focus on peripheral stabilization (i.e. shoulders, hips, knees, etc.) for optimum performance. We will not only evaluate your overall activity level, but will assess the quality of your exercise and how it might be affecting your muscle and bone strength.  Through this method, we are also able to assess risk for future injury.